.......................Building a 28mm Feudal English Army using only plastic miniatures.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The next chapter.

As I've now got enough miniatures painted to have the odd game of Saga its time to move the army up to the next level...Impetus.With this in mind I looked at the list for Basic Impetus and ordered my movement bases from Warbases

Today the bases arrived and all I can say is these bases are fantastic and the customer service was very very good. I ordered 11 in all some foot and some cav . Here's a photo of the two types before I start with the grit and flock :-


  1. Martin and the boys at warbases do make a quality product!!

  2. I have to agree, Warbases are excellent. One thing to be careful of though, if you use a PVA type glue that does that shrinking thing as it dries you may find it's stronger than the glue used to fix the two halves of the sabot together. I found a few of mine came unstuck on two of the corners after a good dose of PVA and Sand etc.