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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

WIP, First FireForge Conversion

Having just completed painting enough Feudal figures for a 4pt Saga warband (photos to follow) I thought Id give the rank and file painting a rest so Ive set about trying to do a conversion with some of the Fireforge plastics. For this conversion I used parts from the Mtd Templer, Mtd Seargent and Foot Seargent box sets with lots of cutting, filing, bending,and various amounts of Miliput etc. I wanted to get three figures on a standard cav base and get the horse rearing up, sliding and twisting at the same time and hopfully give some movement to the knight and foot men. Its finally looking something like I want it.These photos taken before Id fully cleaned up the model before prep and prime.. but you get the idea.


  1. Great start, looking forward to seeing the completed group.


  2. A really great piece of snap shot action mate.

    Really looks as though they have struggled to get that pesky knight of his horse!

    Any idea who the knight is going to be?


  3. Thanks chaps, The piece has now got the beginnings of a paint jib on it:-)
    The knight on the horse is going to be the lord of Alnwick castle circa 1215/1216. Eustare de Vesry? hmm... think thats how its spelt