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Sunday, 8 September 2013

More Foot heed the call.

Here's the next set of Spearmen and Crossbowmen to heed the call of their Feudal Lord. Had a slight problem with one of the Crossbowmen when I snipped off part of his crossbow (bugger) So a withering tree had to be made and fitted to hide the problem, looks okay but not something I would have added by choice. As always give em a click to make em bigger as Ive not work out how to get them big right off yet??

And a group photo of the chaps so far :-


  1. Nice looking troops. Love the quartered colors. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice job, personally i like the tree, and where did you get those leaves from?

    Looking good so far


    1. Thanks chaps, The leaves are from a company new to the wargaming scene called Treemendus here's the link:-


      He does some really nice scenic stuff, met him a model transport show (don't ask)and hes a really good guy gave me loads of info, so thought id give his stuff a go. If you give him a go tell him where you got the link I said Id pass it on when I could.


  3. Great looking figures. I really like the autumn foliage on the tree. It adds to the effect.

  4. I love them Jason- great colour choice ion both the gambesons and colours of the retinue.


    PS. I might just try that tree idea!

  5. Beautiful, really beautiful!

  6. Good save on the tree. I thought I was the only one who cut off weapons thinking the were flash.