.......................Building a 28mm Feudal English Army using only plastic miniatures.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fist Foot Finished.

I've just finished the first test figures for the Spear and Crossbow units. I always start by painting just one of each troop type first to make sure I'm happy with the general look and colours used. For my Feudal army I want to try and emulate the style and look of the Medieval battle pictures painted by the artist Jason Askew. I've tried it previously when painting a 10mm army but at that scale found it hard to get the look right.I think it will be a fine line between an army that looks (or is)badly painted or and army that looks battle worn. As I've said previously its mainly been 10mm painting for some years so just getting back into painting full on 28mm. First off a couple of photos of Jason Askew pictures:-

Now for my attempts. Apologises for the poor lighting on these photos, as always give em a click to make bigger and see all the mistakes :-)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Still here and Start Small.

Hello Its been ages since my last post so just a quick update. I've finished painting my last 10mm for a while so now I can devote all painting time to 28's, so here's how it is. At the moment just started on my first units of foot/Inf, photos to follow.  Also I've decided to help get the army on the table quicker I'm going to start small and start playing Saga with a  warband of Feudal English here's the list of the starting 4pts. Im thinking of using the Norman battle board for starters also build up from this size I could also use fro Mr Dan Mersey new rules when they come out, next year hopefully?

4 x Knights
4 x Knights
8 x Spear
8 x Crossbow